So you have just been through the trauma of childbirth and within a few days you are going to have that gorgeous bundle professionally photographed; well done and congratulations!

Baby is far smaller than the teeny looking outfits you have got ready and even then, which ones will look best?  Oh dear!

Relax, new momma!  It is all in hand.  Babies always look best with special newborn wraps and as nature intended. 

I have had lots of mums come along and at first want to have a little outfit on baby and I am happy to comply even though it isn’t my style, but very rarely do they want the images when all you can see of your gorgeous new baby is their head, then the rest is a baggy outfit. (Albeit one that grandma has bought and is oh so special).

Save the special outfits for when they go out to visit family , spend your newborn shoot time having them photographed with  something really special.  

Choose your colours to compliment your decor too, then when it is time to order your portraits they will fit beautifully into your colour scheme at home.  If in doubt, choose classical black and white images and have your baby posed with super textures and layers.

There is often no need to gild the lily and often less is more. –  after all your beautiful child is the most precious thing in the image.  Images that stand the test of time and will remain on your walls for years to come will be the most simple and classical.